Free estimates on custom solar solutions.

Free estimates on custom solar solutions.

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We are dedicated to revolutionizing modern solar energy. Get in touch with us to learn more about saving money, energy, and the earth. 

Revolutionizing modern solar energy.

Get in touch with us to learn more about saving money, energy, and the earth.
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Solar Panels – What you Should Know and How to Find a Good Company to Install Them

Congratulations! You’ve decided to go solar or maybe you’re contemplating on switching. Solar panels are an increasingly popular way to …

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All About Solar Panels – Do Solar Panels Still Work at Night?

Solar panels have become quite popular in recent years as more and more people look for ways to save money …

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3 Things to Consider Before Installing Shed Solar Panels

If you’re looking for a way to generate renewable energy and save money on your electricity bills, installing solar panels …

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8 Reasons Why Solar Will Be Soon Powering Our Homes

As the world looks for ways to become more environmentally friendly, solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular option for …

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Everything You Need To Know About A Solar Battery

A solar battery is a device that stores energy from the sun to generate electricity. Solar batteries are becoming increasingly …

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5 Tips When Installing Solar Panels in Commercial Buildings

In recent years, more and more homes have been relying on solar panels to generate power. Solar panels are an …

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7 of the Most Popular Myths About Solar Energy Busted

In recent years, solar power has become one of the most popular forms of renewable energy. Solar panels are now …

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solar panel lifespan

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about solar panels and learn how long they last, we’re also going …

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6 Considerations Before Getting Solar Panels For Your Home

In the past decade, global warming wasn’t taken very seriously. However, the situation has changed now that people who care …

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All About Solar – Should I get a Solar Battery Backup?

Solar power is one of the most popular forms of renewable energy, and for a good reason. Solar energy is …

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Why and How to Power Your Electric Car With Solar Power

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. After all, these cars …

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Want to Cut the Bills and Carbon Footprint? Try Solar Power!

Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to reduce their power bills and carbon footprint. With everything going on worldwide, we …

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6 Factors To Consider To Know How Many Solar Panels You Need

On average, an American home will require around 18 solar panels, give or take. How did we come up with …

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Why Should I Clean Solar Panels and How Often Should I Do It

As the world increasingly turns to solar power to meet its energy needs, it’s important to keep solar panels clean …

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solar panel

How Solar Affects Your Home’s Value

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways to save money on their energy bills. But many …

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Solar Panels During Cloudy Days: Does It Work or Not

Solar panels are a big way to save on electricity costs and work well even during cloudy days. However, there …

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Helpful Tips on Choosing The Best Solar Energy Companies

Slowing the dramatic effects of climate change can be done in smaller steps. These include switching from traditional bulbs to …

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5 Considerations Before Installing a Commercial Solar System

As the cost of solar panels continues to fall, more and more businesses are considering installing a commercial solar panel …

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Solar-Panel type

What Type of Solar Panel is Best For You?

Solar panels are portable, lightweight, and can be used to power anything from a small fan to a house. The …

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Solar Panel Lifespan: How to Slow Down Degradation Rate

On average, a solar panel lasts for 25 to 30 years. The best solar panel companies also offer production warranties …

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Is Solar Panel Installation Possible On A Tile Roof?

The unique design and price of your solar panel will depend on a variety of things when you’re ready to …

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Why Choose Solar Power as Your Alternative Power Source

One of the most plentiful energy sources on earth is solar energy. It is a source of renewable energy that …

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Solar Panels 101: How Many Do You Need For Your Home?

Solar panels are a great way to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint. However, before you purchase and install solar …

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What are the Crucial Benefits of Choosing to Go Solar?

Solar energy is a free, renewable resource that can be used to generate electricity, heat, and hot water. Solar energy …

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Arc Energy Co. – Essential Things You Should Know About Fire and Solar Panels

Fire and solar panels are two types of renewable energy sources. Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, while fire panels …

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Are Solar Panels Worth the Cost and Energy Savings?

Solar savings can differ significantly from customer to customer. To provide each person with a precise and accurate estimate of …

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The Best Angle and Orientation for Your Solar Panels

Many factors make a roof more or less suitable for solar panels. Still, while some qualities make a rooftop solar …

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solar panels

Advantages Of Solar Energy That Everyone Should Know

Solar rooftop panels and home batteries have become increasingly popular in recent years as the solar energy technology advanced and …

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What is a Tier-1 Solar Panel and Why is it The Best Choice?

If solar is a long term investment (three years or more), we recommend choosing a tier one panel. Panels from tier …

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Solar Showroom Grand Opening!

Solar Showroom Grand Opening! Bringing a better solar experience to Bakersfield We here at Arc Energy Co. are excited to …

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Is Solar Still A Hot Topic?

s Solar Still A Hot Topic? Over the years, solar energy has been the topic of discussion for not only …

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Understanding How Solar Panels Work

Understanding How Solar Panels Work In a time when the world is striving to incorporate sustainable energy solutions, solar panels …

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Top California Solar Incentives in 2022 You Should Know

Top California Solar Incentives in 2022 You Should Know Solar energy is becoming increasingly important as we move towards a …

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